Sunday, July 16, 2006

King Kong, 2005

I know Peter Jackson was probably handed a bazillion dollars to make this movie exactly how he wanted but even still, the man is a visionary. Every frame was beautifully lit, perfectly framed & back dropped, and the CGI was just amazing. The whole movie is absolutely gorgeous.

Jack Black was quite interesting in this. I expected him to be the comedic relief but I was very wrong. His role is serious and he was quite good at it. The cast was unusual, I thought, but well acted no less. Adrian Brodie, Naomi Watts, Jack Black... and Kong. The iconic bigger-than-life creature was beautifully crafted and realistic, so expressive and threatening. A villian at times, a hero at others, he deffinately evokes emotions from you when you watch.

Yes, this movie is much longer than it truely needs to be (clocks in at 3hrs 8 mins) but the length of the movie is no matter when its so chock full of beautiful imagery and thrilling action. Yes Jackson could have done without all the backstory of some of the secondary characters but, oh well.

Without giving any spoilers, I'll say that I agree with a friend of mine... this movie has one of the best fights scenes EVER!

I was so overall impressed with this movie and I didn't expect to like it near as much as I did. I'm a fan of the original & have fond childhood memories of watching it soI was afraid that would be tarnished. Boy was I wrong. The only negative I can say about this is the movie's length. Other than that it was fantastic & I highly recommend it.

I give the movie King Kong 5 out of 5 stars

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events, 2004

I've never read any of the stories, even still I was looking forward to seeing this. The whole tone of the movie is gloomy... its an imaginative story about greed, loss and family ties.

The artful, spooky sets were lovely, very Tim Burton or Edward Gorey-like. The drab costumes & lighting were impressive, as well. And the wonderful music, I must not forget that... I had listened to the soundtrack long before seeing the movie and really enjoyed it. All this topped off with its twisted plot makes for a very nice looking, entertaining movie.

Jim Carrey was his usual over-the-top (over acted?) self as the wicked Count Olaf but he seemed fitting for the part. It's a tough call since I've not read the books, though. He actually plays a few other characters in the movie since Olaf is an "actor". I particularly enjoyed him as Stephano. The recently orphaned, resourceful children in the movie were adorable & honest. The baby was especially cute and funny, a deffinate scene stealer. You finding yourself wishing you could help them escape the Count & thwart his plans.

I think this is a good movie for adults and children alike. I don't think it was 'too dark' as it does send a heartwarming message. However, parents take note, it is rated PG.

I give Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events 3 out of 5 stars.